DECODE: A Personalized method to decipher your individual health blueprint

DECODE is the name of Dr. Singh's program. The program has three phases. Crack Your Code is Dr. Singh's 8 step program. If you are ready to go straight for that deep dive, this is the place for you to start. For those of you who want to get a feel for things before you start the 8 step program, then Learn Your Code is the best place for you to start. Dr. Marv developed his program to help you get to know your body, figure out how your body works, and make sure it keeps doing what you want it to do. He spent several years designing this program so that a highly individualized and unique plan can be created for each person. The program is also designed to support you through your journey and monitor your progress every step of the way. The program offers a package of services and is set up to help you in the most meaningful way!

The only way to know how to take care of your health is by knowing exactly what you are made up of and what your body needs. DECODE will help take the confusion away from how you should eat and exercise and what supplements and probiotics you should take. Find out what your body needs!

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Learn Your Code

This is an initial dive into your health. You will get to know your body and go through an initial gut and wellness assessment. This is a good way to get an idea about what's going on with your body so you can start optimizing your health! In addition to an initial extended visit intake, Learn Your Code includes a follow-up extended coaching session to review the results of your introductory gut and wellness assessment so you can start working on optimizing your health immediately. Some of the services associated with this part of the package include:

  • Meditation and breathwork practice
  • Personalized nutritional counseling based on what your body needs
  • Food and cooking education
  • Personalized aromatherapy instruction
  • Personal environmental and toxin education
  • Extended visits
  • Health Coaching
  • Subscription to newsletter service
  • Plus much more!!

Crack Your Code

This is a deeper dive into how your body works and is Dr. Singh's core 8 step package program to Decode Your Personal Health Blueprint. It is a specialized approach to helping you get control over inflammation and nutrition while optimizing your wellness and longevity. You don't have to be "sick" or have a specific "problem" to be a candidate for this program; everyone should know about how their body works! Feel free to jump straight into Crack Your Code if you are comfortable, or you can begin your health journey buy completing Learn Your Code to get started. 

What are some of the things offered with Crack Your Code?

  • Preparation and interpretation of a personalized roadmap to optimize health based on cutting-edge science and testing such as:
    • Advanced cardiac lab testing
    • Nutritional genomics
    • Gut Microbiome Sequencing
    • Food sensitivity testing
    • Chemical sensitivity testing
    • Leaky gut testing
    • Leaky blood-brain barrier testing
    • MTHFR testing
    • Nutritional deficiency testing
    • Plus much more!!
  • Personalized nutrition plan based on your microbiome and genes
  • Personalized exercise recommendations based on your genes
  • Personalized supplement recommendations based on your DNA
  • Personalized probiotic recommendations based on your microbiome’s composition
  • Lifetime subscription to newsletter service
  • Extended visits
  • Breathwork and meditation practice
  • Personalized aromatherapy instruction
  • Instruction on food preparation and healthy cooking
  • Health coaching
  • Unlimited access to Dr. Singh’s personal cell phone number and email with video chat option available 

Maintain Your Code

Health and wellness don't just stop after you go through the 8 step program (Crack Your Code). Once you are in the water, you want to keep swimming! This package is designed to help those who have completed the 8 step program maintain their health and wellness as they progress through life and face the various challenges and changes that life often brings. Your health is forever! This package includes ongoing extended coaching sessions, personalized updates and follow-up testing, ongoing education and training in various aspects of integrative medicine, and ongoing direct access to Dr. Singh. 

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